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When one is in deep anxiety, color of skin, race, or religion does not really exist. We are just one human body. We all need affection and support of others. Many of our fellow human beings on this earth are deprived of basic care and remain miserable throughout their lives. We all have the potential and capability to kindle their hopes and aspirations through our compassionate acts.

:: Our Vision
Bring smiles of joy and happiness on the faces of suffering fellow human beings by promoting kindness and compassion in humankind and developing a sense of universal brotherhood and responsibility.

Someone out there needs Your Compassion


Why we Serve?

Very often in our lives we all experience the desire to do something good for others. We desire happiness for others and sympathize over their misfortunes. For varied reasons, this good thought remains confined in the minds of many people. Dynamism in compassion is essential that drives you to put into practice your good thoughts.

Smile Exchange Foundation seeks to revitalize the dynamism that remain dormant amongst most of us and provide opportunities to all those who desire to help others in need. There are numerous opportunities to bestow your love and compassion to those who seek happiness


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